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Just go listen to her new album. The whole thing is great, no a single song I don't like.
But... if you need somewhere to start, "Like a Girl" is my favorite of the bunch.

A close second is this one:

I could probably write an entire paper about what Lizzo's rise to fame means for me as fat woman. I consider myself a pretty self-confident person but the way she sings about herself continues to blow me away. I can't wait to see where she goes from here. These two songs specifically though are highlights on the subject of self-love and self-confidence and learning to know and trust who you believe yourself to be. I can't say exactly how much I wish I'd been given music like this when I was younger, but I'm glad there's younger people today who can listen to this and hopefully learn to feel not just good, but powerful, in who they are.
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I really enjoyed this video from Vox about the history of the devil in Heavy Metal.

In my New Music Friday posts, I don't post a lot of rock/metal music but it's the majority of what I listen to on my own time and the concerts I go to most often. (I LOVE a concert and go to a dozen or more a year.)

When I was in college, I did a big paper on the PMRC and the Parental Advisory fight and as a kid who'd grown up in a strict Baptist church, it made me so angry. I feel like this video is a really comprehensive view of the history of the genre. I could talk about music and specifically rock and metal music FOREVER. There's such a fascinating history there. But also, as someone who loves the genre, I've got nothing but love for the community of heavy metal music lovers.

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I'm still struggling a little. But I didn't want to let another weekend get completely away from me.

I watched the first Tank and the Bangas tiny desk concert two years ago and I was blown away by them. Their songs are like poetry, and this is an awkward thing to say maybe but they're not always very straightforward? But each song is a story if you listen to it in it's entirety and they're beautiful. This week was their first network television debut and this song is obviously more marketable than some of their others, but it's definitely got the same feel. If you even kind of like this one, I'd highly recommend checking out their other stuff - I can give recommendations for individual songs but honestly the two tiny desk concerts they've done are just as good.

I don't always keep up with Christine and the Queens new stuff, though I usually find her stuff really good when I do. But some of the shots from this video are just amazing. The song itself is also really fun, but really I got stuck on how much I love the choreography. It's so very expressive and freeing. There's a little something for everyone here.

And my week wouldn't be complete without a cover of some kind I don't think. So let me share this cover of Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams" by Lissie that I found. It's not new this week, just new to me, but oh my goodness, I love Lissie's voice. I remember first finding her off some Kid Cudi cover she did several years back and I've just loved everything she's done since then. I was so obsessed with a song of hers about two years ago that I ended up using it in a solo bellydance performance (a thing I didn't think I'd do again at that point, and haven't done again since). Anyway. If you like Fleetwood Mac, or Lissie, or just enjoy a good ballad, happy listening.

PS. Also if you're interested in some real wild visuals, check out the new Jennifer Lopez "Medicine" video that came out this week.


Apr. 5th, 2019 12:46 am
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I have been so tired lately that tonight, during my hair appointment, I was actually drifting off a little as he was putting dye on my hair. There's something very comforting about having my hair done, even when it's bleach and dye. And I've always loved having my hair done, which is a bonus. Tonight though was just an extension of the sheer exhaustion I've been dealing with this week. After work every night this week I've napped, I've cried, I've just zoned out to ASMR videos after dinner before having to log back into work to deal with left over stuff I didn't get done during the day. I'm kind of a mess.

I'm so looking forward to having a weekend. Tomorrow night I get to meet an aunt of mine I didn't even know existed until a few months ago. My grandfather ran off with my dad and his older brother when she was still a baby, so they barely know each other at all. I guess she found my dad a few months back and has been talking to him some trying to get to know him and my grandpa a little. Tomorrow, she's flying in to town with her husband and is going to spend the weekend, so I get to meet her at dinner. (My grandfather was not a good man, this particular aunt isn't even the only girl baby he left in the dust with her mother. She's just the only one that's a full sibling to my dad and his (now-deceased) older brother.

Saturday my mom is coming in to town and we're taking the grandsons out to hang out with them for a few hours before they spend the night at our house. We just had the boys last Saturday night, but we only had them the one night so I'm looking forward to having them again and getting to do something more than stay cooped up inside with them. 

I got the notes back from the copy editor on my chapter yesterday. I've glanced over her preliminary notes and they seem (mostly) positive! I'm hoping Sunday after the boys have gone back home, I'll be able to spend some time with the official notes and see what they say. My hopes are high, though if it's good then that sort of suggest I have to make it work to finish the rest of my novel and um... I'm not really in the right head space for that at the moment -- see above exhaustion levels. But we'll see. 
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I've seen this meme going around, I haven't seen like an official name for it, but the theme is definitely something that's up my alley.

"If your fic were an album, what would the track list be?"

  1. The popular, catchy one: Very Nearly a Lucy/Mina piece for the Dracula tv show a few years ago. Funny this is the most popular one since it's not only pretty poem-like but also a pretty non-existent fandom.
  2. The obscure early one no one bought at the time: Of Wolves a Little Red Riding Hood AU for Dragon Age with the worlds smallest ship, Bann Teagan/Cauthrien, that I wrote with a friend.
  3. The "experimental" one, written when you were possibly on some substance: A Church, To: Ambition & Affection my one and only Hamilton piece, a poem written for Hamilton/Angelica/Eliza.
  4. The slushy one: Expletive Not Deleted a smutty f!Shepard/James Vega Mass Effect piece written for a friend. It's probably also the fic that uses the word "fuck" the most? I'm guessing, but it seems likely.
  5. The brash, loud one, mid album: Our Usual Greeting a Saints Row III f!Boss/Kinzie bit of fluff.
  6. The one born of your depressive introspection: A Little Like Forgiveness a Dragon Age Cullen/Leliana piece that's a lot about coming up out of a depression.
  7. The bitter one about your ex/former manager/cat: Love is a Battlefield a Dragon Age Bann Teagan/Anora Mac Tir piece that's a post-Blight love story.
  8. The one only you like, you insular weirdo: Devote to Me a small bonus yuletide Killing Eve piece I wrote that's very music based, if that's the sort of thing that's interesting to you.
  9. The genre-hopping crossover hit: Tell Me I'm the Fool the one and only RPF thing I've written, Matt/Taliesin/Liam for Critical Role.
  10. The one where you tried to be "modern": Dreaming Awake a Chloe/Max Life is Strange five-times fic.
  11. The anthemic final track: Perfect a short Tahani/Eleanor for The Good Place.
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It has been a week. Case in point, I woke up at 4:45AM for no good reason. So I got a snack and a drink and I'm watching videos and hoping I can sneak in at least another hour, hour and a half of sleep before I have to be up for work. Since I'm already listening to some music, I thought I'd get an early lead on my post for this week.

First up is this amazing medley of songs Alicia Keys played at the Grammys of songs she wishes she wrote. She plays two pianos at the same time as she plays small bits of some amazing songs. I love all of these songs but I'm especially pleased to hear her include things like Kings of Leon's "Use Somebody" which is a favorite of mine.

Then there's a really lovely song from Lauren Aquilina called "Tobacco in My Sheets". I saw her mention on Twitter that this song is extremely personal for her, and you can hear that in the lyrics. It's about her parents broken relationship, her own anxiety and trouble with relationships. It's soft and such a good example of how lovely her voice is.

And I'm going to include a song I found last week after I made my new music Friday post that I wish I'd seen early. Avi Kaplan, formerly the bass voice in Pentatonix, has over the past two-ish years or so been releasing his own solo stuff. All good, but this new video from last week seems to be proof that there's a new sound coming for him and I'm in love with it. It's so good.

I'm almost positive that there's going to be some new stuff I haven't seen yet, since Friday releases sometimes come out a little slower. I do know that Billie Eilish's new album is out today so I'm going to try and give that a listen while I'm at work today.

Anyone else have new music they're listening to lately?
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Welcome back to the [personal profile] singedsun loves Lizzo program where I tell you to listen to Lizzo. Wednesday she released "Tempo" (feat. Missy Elliot) and it's a fucking bop. So if you need something to jam to, this is it. Now this is only the audio, so you better believe when the video comes out, I'll be posting it.

Alright, only after you've listened to Lizzo and feel like you need a palate cleanser let me offer you something VASTLY different. From the Mahogany sessions this week we got a song from Jacob Collier who is like a literal instrumental genius. And he's got this amazing throaty voice that's just really wonderful to listen to. This vibe is way different from the above, it's slow and thoughtful and so well done.

Mahoghany had a few really great videos this week, so I encourage you to check out some of the other stuff they've recently posted. It's all good.

And then who would I even be if I didn't point out that there's a new Pentatonix cover out? I don't know either. This is a very circus-y / Disneyeque kind of song but it's also just really fun. Every song they've done lately is just such a good display of the breadth that Matt's bass is bringing to the group. I love this whole thing. (Except for Mitch's mullet. I will never like that.)

I had never heard this song before, and if you like me haven't either, I HIGHLY recommend you go listen to the original, here. It's not so different from Pentatonix take... but then again it is. It's more big band meets electro-swing and definitely unique.
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I made some icons, use as you like and credit [personal profile] singedsun

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There's a lady on my team that was Team Lead when I started but it was quickly obvious she wasn't cut out for it. She'd been given the role in the interim before my manager was brought over from another team to be manager and they needed someone to help train me when I got hired. She and I have never really gotten along very well but she also moved into what we call a "Consultant" role a few years ago, so we haven't worked together too much. She's been with the company for like 18 years over all, she's just not very good at the people stuff -- and honestly I think a lot of why she was kept around for so long when she wasn't really good enough to be in the Team Lead role was just lazy upper management. It's kind of a known corporate hassle that firing people who haven't done anything other than be middling to low performers is really difficult. And managers hate to do it, because it means actually following up on what's required of a personnel manager.

When the manager role on our team came open a few weeks ago one of the big reasons I thought I might get shot down if I applied was that she would talk against me. She's been an advocate for getting external hires because she likes to think that better industry knowledge is going to translate well to what we do. (I disagree, but that's a whole other topic.) Plus, I've only been at this job for five years (six in September) and I've moved up from a contractor to the Team Lead. So I get that it can be hard to see me as someone who might be right for management. I get it, even if I don't feel like that's true (in most cases, not just mine).

Since we're kind of on our own with the team right now, as the two most senior members, we've had to start working really closely together to feel like we've got a hold on what's happening. We've been meeting together a lot as well as meeting with the team, just hoping that by the time we get in a new manager, the team is in a good place. I want a new manager to come in and feel like I've got a handle on the day-to-day. And honestly I want to prove that even though I'm not applying for that manager role, I'm more than capable of handling it.

Today we had a long team meeting to go through some training and processes and afterward, she gave me a very nice compliment. She told me that if our opinions were being asked for in the management hire process (in a perfect world, they would be) she'd want them to know she thinks I'm more than capable of the job. She talked about how she's seen me in the past month or so since she's had to sit back on my side of the day-to-day job and doesn't have a doubt that I could take over if they wanted to give me the chance.

I still don't feel like they'll do it, but coming from her that was really, really nice to hear. It made my day honestly and made me feel like maybe I am doing something right in this transition period by not applying for the manager role.
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I'm in love with this song, "Drowning in the Sound" by Amanda Palmer. It's off her new album, There Will Be No Intermission. There's no official music video for this yet but the full lyrics are in the description to this video. There's also Amanda's description about how this song was written over two days with inspiration and input from her patrons. This song feels very Amanda while also being something wholey different.

"i got some feelings up my sleeve
i got a compass in my arm
i got a needle in my heart
it’s gonna tell us where we are

south by southwest
two miles from town
i can’t get out
i can’t look down
if you can hear
if you’re around
i’m over here
i’m over here
i’m watching everyone i love
drowning in the sound"

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I've been avoiding writing by working on making some icons for the Chiaroscuro challenge at [community profile] icontalking. I watched Highrise on Netflix the other day and there were so many good moments but I got two that stuck with me and made some icons out of them.

Take them & use them if you, like me, love Tom Hiddleston. (Just credit [personal profile] singedsun, if you do.)

I've also discovered some musicians on Twitch that do some really awesome live sessions. For New Music Friday I might drop links to a few people I've discovered. They're not new, just new to me so they might be new to other people too.

Rambling about work stuff )

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I don't know if anyone here has played Planet Coaster or is at all interested in games like that, but man that community is creative. I have a friend that is deep into the community there and she often shares with me cool stuff that she's found that other people have made.

If you have a few minutes, I encourage you to watch this video of a coaster made by GalacianBTH called "Blueheim". There's a whole futuristic story they wrote to go with it, and the vibe is very Final Fantasy and Sky Pirates inspired and it's fucking beautiful.

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This song and video both are stunning. It's "Black Woman" by Danielle Brooks, who I wasn't aware of as a singer at all before I watched this, just an actor. But wow, she has an amazing voice and a strong message about being who she is. I love it.

You may not know this but Rebecca Black, of the old song "Friday" that's been meme'd to death, is still a singer. She's grown quite a bit as has her voice and I think she's killing it. I love this video because it's just her, singing a bop in a big house with fancy clothes. Like it's a proper, fun music video and the song is perfect for her voice. This is, "Anyway".

Eventually I'll stop finding new versions of songs from Heathers to post, but this is not that week. So today you get a video from last weekend at 54 Below, a club in NYC where Broadway stars often go just to sing for fun. In this instance we get Ryan McCarten doing a role reversed version of the song "Dead Girl Walking" from the perspective of the male character, J.D. There's a few lyrics changed, as he explains at the beginning and it's just a really great rendition of the song.

Bonus recommendations:
One of my favorite bands from last year a brother & sister duo, Lawrence, has started putting out some videos of them singing out in public at different locations. They're just low-key, no tech videos and they're kind of charming. The second video of them singing "Make a Move" is them singing from a Venetian Gondola.

I also wanted to recommend this video I watched about recent country music. Now, I don't listen to much country these days, but I found this conversation about modern country music pretty interesting, especially in regards to how the beat in a lot of popular country songs more heavily mimics pop music. I think he's got a good point too. It's worth the watch.

And I'm not going to post all the videos of my last recommendation, instead I'm just going to link you to Spotify. Please go listen to the new Hozier album, Wasteland, Baby! --- it's great!
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I need someone to travel into the future and report back on what the aliens have to say about Marno's ASMR channel because this is some kind of beautiful, absurdist performance art bullshit that despite being full of the kind of ASMR triggers I don't like, I'm very in to. I just watched a full forty minute video not because it did anything for me but because it's just FASCINATING. The point of this video specifically is to be unpredictable, but this dude takes it to a whole new level. He starts to read what looks like Harry Potter, but is a few lines of something that sounds like 50 Shades. He pours empty glasses over his mic to looped sounds of tapping, like he's pouring the sound on the microphone. He brushes the mic at one point and does some snipping from small hair clippers to one side but starts doing something like a dental exam rp. That one actually made me laugh. This dude is underappreciated for sure.

He's also the perfect kind of thing I needed to watch tonight. I've had a rough couple of days at work both last week and this week and I'm feeling like overly sensitive about a lot of it. Sensitive and stressed, just in the last few weeks even before this announcement was made, I think we've all been feeling the tension of something bigger on the horizon. I think in part it's what's made me really lean on writing and ASMR as emotional stress release more often recently.

My team's manager is leaving her current position in what's essentially a lateral move to a brand new role that is newly created and they've posted the position for her replacement. We were told this in a surprise meeting without any real warning and as a Team Lead who really would like to move into a manager role (something that shouldn't be a surprise to my manager or my director) I really hoped that if they wanted me for the role they would've asked me already. While I did tell both of them even after this that I would be interested in the manager role and that I know I'm capable of taking it on, I think I've decided I'm not going to actually apply for it?

I had every intention of applying until today when just the thought of it started to make me just feel bad. I'm not sure why but I've started to think it's not really the right move for me and like sticking to my current position and waiting for one of the analyst roles they want to fill comes open later this year. I feel like applying for a manager role in a group where you've been team lead for almost two years should lead to an enthusiastic bid for the manager role. I feel like if they ask why I didn't reply I should just answer in song 🎵 "I want you to want me, I need you to need me" 🎵

Maybe I'll be missing out by not applying, but I really feel like it's the right decision for me. Just thinking about it this afternoon made me want to cry and I'm pretty sure that's not the right reaction to a job I wanted to be excited about. Giving myself the freedom to just say no and know that if I don't like who they do decide to hire as the manager I could just leave... made me feel sad, but better about it all. Like I do have more experience now, I've been working as a team lead for two years so if I had to start over somewhere else, I'd be able to look a little higher up than I have before whether its a new role at this place or something different somewhere else.
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Friday was a complete mess. I had to work from home because we had an emergency plumbing situation to take care of and it meant the plumbers were out here three separate times during the day. It's fixed for the time being but we're going to have someone come back out with a camera to just double check everything. It was a real frustrating day thought. And then all weekend we had family out and even at the end of the night I just was too exhausted to do anything but stare blankly at TV for a half hour or so before crawling in to bed. So this is late, please forgive me.

This week's songs are all covers, because that's just the way things worked out. But I'm in love with all of them, and I hope you enjoy.

First up is "Know Your Enemy" by Brass Against. Brass Against is basically a big brass cover band for (most often) Rage Against the Machine songs (like this one). But they also do other covers for bands like Tool, Audioslave & Black Sabbath. I love them. And this one features vocalist Sofia Urista who just has this amazing badass voice. Almost 30 years and these Rage songs feel just as relevant as ever too.

Next is the West End Heathers Cast Album version of "Seventeen" with Carrie Hope Fletcher & Jamie Muscato. I promise to not just share each and every one of these that Carrie puts up on her channel but "Seventeen" is one of my favorite songs in this musical and I couldn't not share this emotional version of it. I'm so eager for this cast album to be released.

For good measure since I'm late with this week's post I'm going to throw in this cover by Morgan James of "If You Don't Know Me By Now". Morgan has this amazingly big, blue-eyed soul voice that I am just absolutely in love with. She covers these old classics with such passion that I can't help but love them. This song has always been a bit of a soft spot of mine and she does it complete justice.

Lastly for this week is this cover of "Sex on Fire" by Postmodern Jukebox with vocals by Adanna Duru. I can't believe how old this song is now, but I love this big soulful version from PMJ. Adanna's voice is really love and covers the big range that the song covers. It's also really nice to see a female vocalist take this on, and it gives it a whole different feel. The only downside here is that I feel like I'm going to get stuck on a Kings of Leon kick again.

Okay maybe just a couple more:

1) Scary Pockets is a funk cover band led by Jack Conte of Pomplamoose. They put up a cover of The Beatles song "I Saw Her Standing There" with former American Idol vocalist Casey Abrams. Casey's vocals either for Scary Pockets of PMJ is just always a fun time. Listen here.

2) Kelly Clarkson posted a live version of Brandi Carlile's "The Joke" she recently performed at a concert in Detroit. If you don't know Brandi's version, I suggest you check it out - she performed this at The Grammy's a few weeks ago. Hearing Kelly sing this really hits home how under appreciated Brandi's vocals are these days. Listen here.

3) Jonathan Young put out this amazing cover of 30 Seconds to Mars' "The Kill". Jonathan does YouTube covers like few others, his metal versions of normal songs are always a good time and he seems to go into everything with such a joyful attitude. I love it. Listen here.

I think that's it for now, although I do feel like I'm forgetting something. So I guess if I remember what it was I'll toss it up sometime later this week. Enjoy and happy listening!
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I finished watching the show last night and I am blown away. I was a huge fan of the comic series when it came out and I had no idea how to feel about the fact that they were doing a television series, other than cautiously optimistic. The show delivered in a big way for me. It was everything i was hoping for and then some. It's definitely not for everybody and if you've not read the comics, it can be a little difficult to get into. If you're watching now and feeling that way, that's okay, though I'd urge you to get past episode five. That's when things really get good.

If you want to come yell at me about the show in the comments, please do! Spoiler warning for the comment section, just in case.

I dealt with some of my feelings for the show by creating a bunch of Pinterest boards, like I do for a lot of the shows/media I love. [eyyyy come follow me on Pinterest if that's the sort of thing you're in to.]

Also, I just saw that they released the score for the show. I've been listening to that and it's so good. (Link to Spotify) The music in this show is amazing, but score and soundtrack. It doesn't look like they've released an actual soundtrack, at least not more than the few covers Gerard Way has put out. But I've noticed a few people have put together playlists of what they could find. I really need that cover of "Angel of the Night" that Vanya plays in the first episode though. It's amazing.
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I just woke up from a three hour nap after work & dinner with a migraine so my brain is a bunch of mush. So while I'd planned to make a post about different things, we'll just make this a condensed new music friday part deux, because Friday kept on giving in the music department.

They released a Spotify playlist for the show Russian Doll. It is short but it's got some really good stuff on it.

Not only did Superfruit release a song yesterday but there's a new Pentatonix cover up today to the "Sound of Silence" which features a gruff Scott voice and a lovely Matt singing voice.

There's a "Pinky and The Brain Theme" cover by Postmodern Jukebox which also stars Rob Paulson & Maurice LaMarche (the voices of Pink & The Brain). It's really good & it's funny too.

Also, I'm really excited to find out that the West End Cast of Heathers is making a cast recording of the show. They posted a video of "I Say No" on YouTube today to announce that the album is up for preorder. Man, I love the Heathers musical so much and it's a bummer that the off-Broadway recording isn't more broadly available. So to have a full cast recording coming out from the West End show is pretty exciting.

I'm going to go watch Umbrella Academy now and hope this migraine goes away.
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Valentine's delivered in a big musical way this week.

We're gonna start with my new obsession, this amazing new song from Lizzo, "Cuz I Love You". I was still awake Wednesday night when this song dropped and I listened to it a bunch before I went to bed and then today at work I basically had it on repeat all day. It's such a bop. Lizzo has been getting a lot of acclaim lately and it's so deserved, she's been putting out good stuff for years. Don't sleep on this icon in the making.

Cuz I Love You is a big MOOD, with this old school big band, almost musical kind of vibe and it's amazing.

Next up, let's do a cover. Because when don't I like a good cover? (The answer is never.) Superfruit, a duo made up of two of the members of Pentatonix, Mitch Grassi and Scott Hoying put a new video out today for "The Promise". The song is an upbeat cover of an old When in Rome song from the 80s and this is a really amazing take on it. The video also stars olympic skater Adam Rippon just doing his thing on the ice and it's wonderful. (I do wish someone would talk to Mitch about his "fashion" takes because the oversized baggy high fashion looks are just trying too hard. But it doesn't take away from how amazing his voice is, especially with Scott's.)

You can listen to the original song here.

Lastly, there's this new song from Alyson Stoner, "Stripped Bare". Alyson is a former Disney kid and this song seems to be a pretty personal one about some of her experiences. I've watched Alyson in the past due to her dance work, she's an amazing dancer, but I've really enjoyed some of the music she's put out in the last few months. This one really got me. Also, this video has a really powerful scene of her actually cutting and shaving her hair.

A few honorable mentions for this week too (and it's still not even Friday).
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About a month ago I went to the doctor for a nerve issue in my upper back and shoulders. I constantly felt like I was standing with my back to an open window, a cold just settling between my shoulders all the time. Having fibro makes me pretty sensitive to new weird potentially nerve related things, and in 2017 a bout of pancreatitis brought on by gallstones was preceded by about two months of shoulder pain. I ended up having my gallbladder out when that happened, so I knew that was unlikely to be the issue unless I was having another round of pancreatitis, which would've been an indicator of something far worse.

The doctor wasn't sure what to make of it but agreed it was likely a pinched nerve or something and prescribed me a z-pac of steroids to see if that would loosen things up and take care of the problem. Thankfully, after a few days and a really thorough back massage by the masseuse that comes into our office once every other week, it seemed to do the trick.

Unfortunately the side effects to a heavy dose of steroids I'm not used to has meant about a month of bad insomnia and getting my period two weeks early (and then it lasted the rest of the month). My body seems to be settling back into order but getting my sleep normal again is a hassle. It's not good in a normal month where my fibromyalgia pain and fatigue is pretty under control.

I've started to lean pretty heavily on pre-bed rituals, like writing and listening to ASMR videos instead of music to help get my head in the right space. Writing before bed can sometimes fight back in a few ways; I stay up too late with a good idea, I feel more awake once I get through the words I wanted to write, or I finish one thing and get hit with ideas for the next one. It's been worse in the past when I'm listening to music, so switching over to having ASMR videos playing in the background has been helpful. I'm strictly of the simple no talking, no roleplaying, dry sounds only kind of ASMR. I need it to sound a little like white noise without actually using white noise.

Are there any other ASMR fans out there?

I know it can be different for everyone like I absolutely can't do wet sounds or talking or anything like that. If it doesn't sound like scratching or soft tapping, I can't do it. But I have discovered that if I really need to focus on sleep that the videos with really distinct hand motions in them also help. I've also realized I'm very partial to videos where there's a single mic, not the ears or the head or whatever else the mics can be built into. ASMR Bakery on YouTube has become my go to for that kind of stuff. But I've started to build a playlist on YouTube of stuff that works for me.

Big Shark

Feb. 10th, 2019 06:24 pm
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OMG I am ready to watch this mess of a movie. It's coming this year but there's no date on it yet.